My pics are all here for the ones whi wants to see them.... and they're many.... but I need help...


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Jun 22, 2012
So.... my friends always tell me to post my pics with my topics... but I feel so bad because I can't.... I only use my phone... the laptop is wrecked.... so I can only choose pics from the galery to post profile pictures only... but can't choose pics from the gallery to post pics on threads... so I was wondering if someone can do me a favor... even though I'm reluctant... but.... so if someone has whatsapp or kik messenger or other accounts I can send my pics to him and he/she can post them here on this thread for me..... I'm sooo embarrassed to ask something like that.... but I will realllllyyyy appreciate it.... that will be the kindest thing ever....
Thanks again everyone you're the best.... you can pm me to give me your phone number... please with the county code... Here's mine +96171268943....
I have soooo much pics.... of my pets' lives.... offspring... and many more surprises...

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Sep 16, 2012
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I believe if you post all your pics to your profile pics (from your phone to BYC), then when you post in a thread click on the picture icon above to insert image, then select the pic you want from your profile pic, and it will be in the thread you are posting in...

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