My poor chooks

Crow-ded house

May 2, 2016
Bartlesville, OK
Ok so I placed plywood, some pieces of metal that was laying around and think I blocked most of the north wind. We had blowing snow most of the day and wind chill down to 6 by morning. Their run is covered so they should at least be dry. I do not think we will get much sleep tonight.
Yes they have coops. Two groups go in theirs at night but two others refuse at night. They go in and out all day but at night roost outside snuggled together. I have tried everything plus we work nights and they still insist on sleeping outside. During the day sometimes they are all in there at once scratching and playing and the girls lay eggs but when we see them at night there they are. All sleeping outside.
Tried that. No problems. Let them out, they would go in then that night outside sleeping. So we put rubber storage containers filled with straw and the run is covered. Guess will go to lowes and pick up some insulation panels to finish off the outside.
The pretty roo in last pic is Joey a mixed breed. Everyone seems to be doing fine and we got down to 5 degrees farenheit with those north winds. I went in there last night before bef around 2 am and it was cold but not unbearably so. I think we will just enclose the entire run setup for good measure. Lol right now it looks like a hillbilly haven but as we are okies guess that is alright
As long as they have feed, unfrozen water, good ventilation; and a place to escape the wind- you'll be surprised how hardy they are!
They are. On the coldest day last winter 7 babies hatched and mama took good care of them. They stayed in the coop with her and within a week everybody was out and about and they all survived.

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