My Poor Ming Mei is starting to feel better! (recovery pics pg 5)


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The past couple days, and esp today, i noticed mingers was standing on one foot alot, which she doesn;t do that often. She i snatched her up and inspected her feet and she's got a huge scab on top of a puss swellling. Her foot looks horrible! I'm not sure how my pampered little princess who walks on carpet all day got such a yucky foot boo boo.
So we're taking her to the vet as soon as they open.

Let's all hope it's nothing serious, no bumblefoot, s, just an ouchie, something that neosporin and some antibiotics can fix up in a jiffy.

Anyone else have any ideas for my ming mei? Ill be sure to post what the Vet says about her as well.

I am worried about my baby, my lover duck. She let me hold her on her back with her head in my lap so i could inspect her feet. And she normally is the one kicking and quacking and hates being held that way, but she let me do it, kinda like she knew i was gonna fix it up.... awww
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You could open that up with a sterile shape object, a sewing needle or exacto blade held over a flame. Wipe off the pus with cotton dipped in alcohol, iodine, hydorgen peroxide, whatever. Then bandage. Sometimes those local infections grow kinda big, but if you just open it up for them animals heal amazingly fast. I've gone through this with my cats and dogs and have seen it discussed by others on BYC. Good luck to Ming Mei whatever you do!
Our vet was aparently in surgery all day today ad couldn't see us. We're supposed to go tomorrow afternoon. I'll see after a long bath if it will open up.
the vet thinks it's bumblefoot... He tried to get some puss out, but it was dry and hard. He couldn't get anything out to check it for bacteria. So we did an xray to make sure it wasn't gout or a broken bone that was swollen. It wasn't thankfully. So the prognosis is to clean her wounds each day, put some neosporin on after her bath, and give her an antibiotic twice a day. If she gets worse i have to bring her back right away. and in two weeks she'll have to go back for a check up and see if it got better, or if it needs to be surgically opened and cleaned. Hopefully it won't come to that. My poor baby! I feel for her, she's sitting all the time, or she's got her bad foot up.
as an update, ming mei is not walking today. She is hobbling when she has to walk, otherwise she's just sitting. Tonight i'm going to seperate her out of the big pen after her bath. She doesn'yt seem to have much interest in getting up to eat/drink, but she'll eat treats. She seems to not want her feed. Today she got some egg whites and she'll get veggies later during bath time. I'm afraid i'll have to take her back to the vet tomorrow....

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