My poor Peepers! The start of angel wing? UPDATED pic in post 13


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May 6, 2009
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I noticed today that the pin feathers on her wings look to be kinda pointing up and not tucked close to her body. I am afraid that it is angel wing
I have been nothing but careful what % of protein my waterfowl get. they all go 20% for the first two weeks then switched to 16% after that. Will I have to tape her wings?

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Not really sure what you're referring to...I know some of my ducks when they were first feathering didn't have the "smooth" appearance.It took time...Or maybe I just can't see what you see from the pic?
I had a duckling last summer like that. His hatch mates looked like that (not as bad) so I didn't think much of it. A month later it kept getting worse so I taped him with vet tape (well, the human version lol) and it went away for about 7 months. It's back again (he's a year old now) but it doesn't seem to bother him.

So to answer your question, it might not hurt to tape anyway.
In the top pic you can see the pin feathers. They don't look to be sticking out but they're not tucking up properly. At the least they are too heavy for the wing and so it may worsen if you do nothing - so I'd tape. It won't hurt.
I would continue to monitor it for the next few days- Those feathers are only just starting to grow- and hardly long enough to know if it is angel wing or not just yet. Many of my ducklings will have wing feathers sticking out for the first few days of growth until they get some length and they are fine after that.
I dont see angel wing in those pics at all. Just feathers coming in like they are supposed to. Steady as she goes and give her exercize/room to get around.
I just noticed one of my duckies has this problem! His pin feathers look longer though and they stick out slightly farther than your baby's feathers do. Is it a protein or a calcium thing that causes this. I did the same as you switching to a feed with lower protein after 3 weeks and now at 6 weeks he is the only one this has ever happened to. How long will you wrap it for? How will you wrap it? Do you wrap just the one? Sorry to hijack your thread but I'm really worried about Chips and would like to know how someone else is dealing with this.

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