My poor soft hearted but determined son.

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    Ok, well my Dev is pretty special I think. He is such a soft hearted boy but he is slowly showing the type of man he will be. He is 10 and a huge boy. Literally, he is only 3 inches shy of being my height. So big strong body and such a soft heart. Anywho we had a chicken injured today. He helped me get the poor thing out of the coop through all the mud and then waited anxiously while I looked the poor Roo over. The roo was badly hurt and I knew way beyond anything I could do for it. This is still something my son struggles with. He has such confidence in my ability with animals sometimes he expects miracles. More and more he does not get the ending he wants though. So I told him the roo was too injured and that we would have to cull. I called my hubby and told him I needed help. My poor soft hearted son, without me asking, went and fetched the hatchet. He then got the cooler on his old little red wagon, filled it with cold water and hauled it to the back of our property where the chopping block stays hidden behind the bushes. Crying the whole time but he was determined he was going to help me. He stopped once to sob on my shoulder and then back he went to getting everything needed to cull and process the his roo. The Roo died as I was carrying him back to the block so he was at least spared that but it just made my heart swell and tore my heart that my boy was stepping up and willing to help with the hard deed. He knew it was for the best and he was willing to push down his tears and do what needed to be done. I am very proud of him. It tore at my heart because he made a choice not to be shielded from it this time. I tried sending him inside and he refused and said he was going to help.

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    Quote:Sounds to me like you have a really special boy.
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    Sounds like a great kid. Nothing at all wrong with having a soft heart.

    It's when death STOPS bothering us that we need to worry. I'm 45 and I still don't like culling, but because I was raised understanding the need to cull, I can do it.
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    What a special blessing to have him.
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    Sounds so much like Steven at that age. You have done a great job.

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    Growing up isn't always easy. Bless his heart.
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    You definitely have a good one there. What a proud moment! Pride and sadness mixed into one - pride that he's going through it like a trooper, sadness that he has to go through it. Yep. Good for him. And for you.

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    What a special kid, he knew what needed to be done and he did it. Bravo to him.
  9. So happy for you that you've raised such a fine young man. Agree...when death doesn't bother us anymore, there is a problem. [​IMG]

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    You should be so proud of that boy!

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