My posts took a large number drop....what happened


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Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
Do your posts drop when a topic is locked???

That might have happened....just curious....THought I was going to hit 3000 on same day that BYC got 50,000 members ....ah well...

I am curious though....Thanks!
Did you post a lot on one of those horribly long threads? Nifty was doing some cleanup so everyone has fewer posts.
Oh, sorry, I meant to post about this since we usually get a LOT of questions when it happens.

Whenever posts or thread are deleted the post counts don't always immediately drop. Every once in a while we do some site optimizations and this includes "syncing up" the actual post count of members.

We've been doing some early Spring Cleaning of old threads that don't (by themselves) add anything by staying on the forum, like the "count high before staff post" threads. If you participate a lot in those threads and we remove them, you may see a significant post count drop.

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