My Poults are killing my chicks


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
I have 9 Orlopp Bronze 11 day old baby Turkeys.
I also have 23 chicks that are the same age.

Last year we had a breed of white Turkeys and they didn't attack our chicks at all which was awesome.

I decided to try a new breed, the Orlopp Bronze, and within the last couple of days they have been pecking at the bottoms of my chicks, killing 2 of them.
One chick was killed by having his intestines pulled out
and the other we're not entirely sure.

The Turkeys had been at the 2 chicks a few days ago but they didn't do anything drastic but now they've gone and killed the 2 chicks.

I have the Turkeys separated from the chicks now but I wanted to free-range them with the chicks like I did last year, I'm introducing the chicks and Poults to my older hens and Rooster soon.

Does anyone know why my Poults are doing this? They don't do this to the other Turkeys only to the chicks.

And will my older Flock help with putting a stop to it when we run them together ( after they are introduced for a few weeks) or will i have to keep the Turkeys separated now?
Usual suspects: Crowding/size differential/diet/`prodromally' hormonal aggression. Did you have the whole lot of the chicks/poults on 30% Game bird Starter?

Have had only two poults that were very pushy (consistently) with others (as much as they could be at 5 days of age - no injuries). I'd keep an eye on the poults, now that they are separated. If one, in particular, seems to be the aggressor (picking at the other poult's fundaments/biting at heads), I'd cull that individual. Get them some crickets/meal worms at a bait shop (if you have moths around outdoor lights grab them - tear off one wing and toss into brooder). Extra protein and something to chase down, a couple times a day, can be useful.

The chooks and turks should be able to range together. Poults are usually put into/recognize their `place' when exposed to established flock of either chooks or turks.


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