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  1. Newchickenguy

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Ok as my name suggests I am new to keeping chickens, my first flock just now reaching laying age. So I come to BYC web site to dig for tips and such on raising chickens. And one tip I get over and over and over and over is, " you don't want hatchery birds because hatchery birds are breed for egg laying, what you want is birds from a breeder, " wink". I mean you can even start a thread on something that has absoultley nothing to do with breeder birds and some byc chicken person will come in and tell you how you need breeder birds. It's like this is the ultimate knowledge that any and all chicken people come to and needs to be said for no reason other than it was said? It's kind of strange really, but I digress.

    My problem with the web site is it doesn't have a easy to find list of non hatchery breeders. O no that would be too easy. Granted there is a whole section dedicated to breeders and people love to place links to those threads as if that will make it easier to find them. Has anyone ever tried to go through the bowels of a year old thread with 1048 replies to find the one link where you can actually contact the breeder?? Yea I didn't think so. But yet everyone loves to link those posts when your trying to find a breeder. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the help but there just has to be a better way.

    Come on BYC make a section with nothing more than a list of Non hatchery breeders that is easy to find, is that too much to ask?
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  2. Fred's Hens

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    Actually, it would be a monumental task.

    Start with the breeds you are interested in and research the Club for that breed. Most clubs have a directory of their members who are breeders. Next, the American Poultry Association publishes a annual YearBook. In that yearbook are hundreds of classified ads from breeders.

    A great way to see the various breeders work is to attend a poultry show and see the birds for yourself.

    Most breeders of some of the best birds are small operations. They only pen the birds for breeding from January through April, allowing the birds to recover, moult and rest the remaining portion of the year. They don't have day old chicks year round. Some sell fertile eggs, many simply do not and do not wish to ship fragile eggs.

    There are indeed breed threads on BYC where some of the breeders come by to post or these breeders are known to those who hang out in those threads you can get referrals.

    Many good breeders are not on the internet at all and most are not on BYC and don't even have a web presence. These are not large, commercial operations, just small time individuals with a passion for the fancy.
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  3. Newchickenguy

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Fred thanks for the reply. I have tried the internet with very limited success, meaning I found one non hatchery breeder, of a breed I am not sure I want. Also the advice you gave me is what I have herd before. I mean going to a poultry show for me is just not something I have time for. And digging through a 1 year post with 2000 replies just leaves me with a headache.

    And ironically all my internet research usually brings me back to this web site. So BYC seems to be the authority on chicken information on the net atm and I love this site. I just have to disagree with you that the task would be monumental as you put it. Let BYC hire someone to go through threads and find the breeders selling atm and make a list. It isn't that hard. That way all us chicken noobs can come in a look and say ah ha I found the New Hamp breeder or the whatever breeder and we can order. It has to be more simple that planning a out of state trip to find the Breeder non hatchery chickens.
  4. Peplers chicks

    Peplers chicks Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sorry, I don't want to intrude or steppings on toes, but before we attack the site, just try all possibilities, this thread was started 2009,
    Anything is available on this site, you name it and it is there

    We should start a Breeder thread.
    Just post what you have.
    Here is a list of Breeds and Breeders:

    Silkies:BaronRenFrew,Taraann81, goldenyolk, lou, adorable, Chic Chick, ChickieBooBoo
    Orpingtons: goldenyolk, ticketyboo, Megs,cluckcluck42
    Sussex: Yoker, JJsmith
    Plymouth Rock: Dennisbarredrock, JJsmith, lou,, Call Ducks, Hillsvale
    mille Fleur: Dennisbarredrock,Megs
    Phoenix: call Ducks, ChickieBooBoo
    Chantecler: Chantecler, chickee's mom, Taraann81, ticketyboo, Klorinth, lalaith, Mufffin
    Wyandottes: Poor Realtor, JJsmith, ticketyboo, Megs, cluckcluck42, Yoker
    Japanese Bantams: Poor realtor, Megs, ChickieBooBoo
    Cochen: poor realtor, JJsmith, goldenyolk, Megs, Call Ducks
    Jursey Gients: Chickee's Mom
    Australorps: Chickee's Mom, JJsmith, goldenyolk, Chic Chick, Call Ducks, Megs,
    Ameriaucanas:JJsmith, lou, Chic Chick, cluckcluck42, Mufffin
    Salmon Faverolles:JJsmith, Megs
    Leghorns colored:JJsmith
    Rhode Island Reds: JJsmith, goldenyolk, Yoker
    Brahamas: goldenyolk, Yoker
    Cornish: goldenyolk, Klorinth
    Dominiques: goldenyolk
    campine: goldenyolk
    polish:lou, megs,
    Old english game:lou
    marans: journey's end, Chic Chick, cluckcluck42
    Araucana: cluckcluck42, Mufffin
    Easter eggers: Megs
    Egyption fayoumi:Hillsvale
    Brabanter: Mufffin
    Jaerhorn: Mufffin

    African Grey Geese:lou
    Call Ducks:lou
    Muscovies: Taraann81, ChickieBooBoo
    Rouen ducks:
    saxony ducks:
    sliver appleyard:
    Toulouse Dewlap Geese:lou

    beltsville small white: Taraann81,Klorinth
    Bourbon Red:Hillsvale
    Royal Palm:Hillsvale
    Jersey Buff: Mufffin

    Game Birds:
    coturnix quail: BaronRenFrew, tomcio
    Peacocks: Dennisbarredrock
    Ringneck pheasant: BaronRenFrew, tomcio

    Post number(s): Breeders:
    Yoker: Grande Prairie, Alberta
    #4 Chantecler: moncton, NB
    #6&61 Dennisbarredrock: cardigan, P.E.I.
    #18 Poor Realtor: Neepawa, Manitoba
    #20 Chickee's Mom: Lacombe Alberta
    #30 JJsmith: Saskatchewan
    Jossy J: Ontario
    #40 BaronRenFrew: Ottawa, ontario
    Lalaith: Ontario
    #44&63 Taraann81: in between Windsor and London, Ontario
    #79&178&237 Call Ducks: Waterville, Nova Scotia
    #64 Skeffling Lavender Farm: Wiarton, Ontario
    #69 goldenyolk: Amherst, nova Scotia
    journey's end: PEI
    #80 lou:Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
    #96 adorable: Renfrew, ontario
    tomcio: ottawa, ontario
    #121 Chic Chick: NE central Alberta
    #48&90 ticketyboo: mount forest ontario
    #146 Eastern Ontario
    #154 Klorinth: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    #180&238&244 cluckcluck42: Ontario
    #181 ChickieBooBoo: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    #81&164 Megs:
    #186&243 Hillsvale: Hillsvale, Nova Scotia
    #64&232 Skeffling Lavender Farm
    #253 Mufffin: southern Saskatchewan, Canada
  5. Newchickenguy

    Newchickenguy Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 20, 2012
    Not stepping on my toes but you are wrong about me attacking the site. I am just putting in some constructive critism. Again thanks for all those links but there is no web site or email address to contact those people so I am back to square one. I really wish people would realize just posting old threads isn't the answer here. All they need to do is make a place where breeders can come and place the contact information etc. Example [email protected], I raise non hatchery Plymouth rocks and leghorns, send me and email. Its really not that hard. Also how does someone new know to go looking for a thread started in 2009. It is 2013?
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  6. Peplers chicks

    Peplers chicks Chillin' With My Peeps

    I have just took two off the above names and google emmediatly gave me their web sites, and on the website you can find the e-mail
  7. Peplers chicks

    Peplers chicks Chillin' With My Peeps

    Have to say, not all works out like that, sorry, but was helpfull, even a little bit, hehehe, be blessed
  8. Newchickenguy

    Newchickenguy Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 20, 2012
    Ok I had different results. I just tried to find a few of the above breeders online with no links at all for them on google. Which did you find? Will they have the breeds I want? 2009 a long time ago?
  9. Fred's Hens

    Fred's Hens Chicken Obsessed Premium Member

    Help us out, here. What breeds do you want? I missed that somewhere, probably.
  10. Peplers chicks

    Peplers chicks Chillin' With My Peeps

    Welcome Fred, now you have one of the right guys here, Chantecler: moncton, NB, this one works

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