My pullet just crowed :(


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Mar 22, 2009
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I bought an ameraucana pullet at the Waddington NY Swap and it just crowed... I could cry
Hey don't lose hope! My pullet crowed AND even tried to mate her buddy pullet (seen it with my own eyes!) but is still a hen
in fact I had THREE pullets crow on the same day, can you take pictures? I'm sure someone could help you confirm this. I would not be in a hurry to get rid of her/him just yet till your sure. What kind of chicken?

ETA...nevermind about the kind...I just seen it was an ameraucana. Just blind
If you take pics we could help you out though. How old?
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Yah I need to see if I can rehome.. erm... him... what a bummer. and yes I can take a picture a little later on my wayto an appointment. I'll do it as soon as I get back, my understanding that my little hemaphrodite is 22 weeks. I've had the pullet since Sunday and it's the first time I've heard him/her do that...
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So... Have yours laid any eggs yet?

OP: post some pics of your bird. I'm sure if it crowed it's a roo though. Typically pullets won't crow. I've had a hen that crowed, but she's about 2.5 now, and when I got her, she was used to roosters being around, and I didn't have any at the time. She has since stopped crowing (if you could call it that
Same thing happened to us with our dear RIR pullet (we thought) named Reba. We brought home another RIR hen and Reba mounted her within an hour and started crowing the next week. He was our favorite "girl". But we kept him and just call him Reba the rooster now.
So here it is... my crowing pullet... she looks like a she to me, but shows how much I know... my understanding this little one (big little one) has brahma bloodlines which accounts for the yellow feet. "She" is 22-24 weeks and the goofball who had her fed her part grower... which I don't agree with, that might account for her size... Think he must have fed her testosterone too!




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