My pullet sounds like she's purring...


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
I got some new birds today from a guy with a nice, clean set up. All his birds looked healthy and he was very educated about chickens...more so than the last place I got birds from...

When I got home it was quiet in my yard and I realized one of the 16 week old Ameraucana pullets was making a purring sound. Then she coughed or sneezed. None of the other birds sounded like that, no one else is sneezing/coughing. She is bright eyed but I noticed she was sitting down on the ground while all the other birds ran around. I have Tylan 50--should I start treating her with it? Should I treat all the birds in the pen, or just her? Also, since I've had a terrible time with cocci lately, would it be alright to go ahead and put Corid in their water as a preventative? Is it bad to use Tylan and Corid together? Sorry, so many questions...

The new birds are isolated in a covered chicken tractor, I'm so glad I decided to do that. The chicken tractor is open on the ends, there's no coop. Do you think they'll be alright in there for several weeks to a month? There is a roost pole, and it's covered in a tarp to keep rain out. I don't really have anywhere else to put them since I live in the city.
Good thing to quarantine. Keep them apart and try not to let anything including your shoes cross between your flock and the new ones.

Chances are they already have an immunity built up to cocci so I wouldn't just give corrid to them as even though cocci is not a bacteria, it CAN develop an immunity to the drug. So hold off on that unless they start becoming listless.

As for the sick bird, I personally would keep an eye on her for a few more days to see if it just doesn't clear up. Separate her if possible. I'm not a fan of medicating at the first sign of something since it may easily pass and you don't have to give any drugs to the birds that can have lingering effects. Further more, if it's not a bacterial infection, Tylan 50 won't do much for it as viruses just scoot their DNA right on by. Only time I reccomend giving antibiotics right away is if there is a known infection such as bumble foot, or a high risk, like open wound.

They should be fine for a month in a tractor. Mine live in tractors year round. Granted it only get's to freezing temps (20-30) for 2-3 weeks top every year.
Thanks for the advice! I'll see how she's acting tomorrow.

It doesn't get to freezing here until November or so. Hopefully they'll be ok out there. They weren't too happy about sleeping in there tonight, at dusk they all started peeping like crazy!

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