my pullets are not laying


8 Years
May 8, 2011
I have a bunch of pullets hatched from my barred rock rooster and an americauna hen last May. They should be 26 weeks old on Wed 11/7. None of them have laid a single egg. I bought 4 other chicks born the same day from a farm store (2 wellsummers and 2 marans) to put in with them, and they have not laid yet either. We turned on a light for them about 3 weeks ago, so they get several hours of light before the sun comes up, totaling more than 14 hours. Does anyone have any insight into why they might not be laying yet?
They're probably just not ready yet. I know it's annoying and frustrating, but they might not lay for weeks yet. I have some Rocks and Easter Eggers that are around the same age, and they don't even have comb development yet.

Do they look mature? When they are getting ready to lay they will have much larger, bright red, combs and wattles. Check their vents--are they red and moist and loose? Are they squatting for the rooster? Do they take an interest in the nest boxes? These are all signs of pullets about to lay. If they have all these signs, then they've found a secret place to lay the eggs. If not, they're not ready yet.

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