My quail cannot stand up


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Apr 5, 2022
I went on a vacation and asked my neighbors to take care of my birds and I came back to this. One of my female quails cannot stand up or fly because her right leg couldn’t move and keeps on closing her eyes and opening them again after awhile, as if she is trying to sleep but couldn’t rest. She keeps on twitching and tries to fly. She probably tried to fly in the cage but ended up injured. I didn’t see her eat anything and wouldn’t try to when I move the food closer to her. Is she sick? How do I take care of her?

Quick edit: Her poop is just a small white stain with a yellowish-brown dot in the middle. I forgot to take a picture sadly. She is now resting on a blanket with some relaxing music being played near her and she’s trying to sleep. Hopefully she’ll get better soon!
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I forgot to post a photo, please help!
I rarely have had quail heal from a leg injury. I might give it a week then cull. If her poop is green you'll know she quit eating. What's the rice for? she should be on chicken or game bird layer feed.
We ran out of bird feed so we had to use rice for awhile but I got some now. Thanks for sharing.

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