My quail have almost...


13 Years
Mar 23, 2009
California, central area
finished hatching. Its been a wonder to behold. I'm at about 150 chicks of 200 that were put in to hatch. I'm still hearing the chicks zipping inside so expect a few more, but its finally slowing down. Its been amazing to watch how quickly they pip and hatch. And to top it off, one of my chicken eggs, that I really didn't expect to hatch, just put into the hatcher, hatched and is doing great! If the rest of those eggs hatch it will be a totally inspiring week of hatching.

I've ordered another 20 eggs to keep me going for a while. I absolutely HAVE to have more space before I take on much more. I just finished a 7x40 coop. With what I've brooded and hatched this spring, its full. Yikes!

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