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Discussion in 'Quail' started by CoyoteMagic, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. CoyoteMagic

    CoyoteMagic RIP ?-2014

    I've been talking about it and finally got it done yesterday and geez my back and arms are killing me. I converted my "Playhouse" coop which isn't big enough for all my birds in to a quail house. Had to cover everything!! with smaller wire.

    Here's the "Playhouse"
    Kind of hard to see but if you look real close you can make out where I took off the front wall and made a large opening.

    Here it is from the inside.
    They have access to the whole bottom if they want.I've put in things that they would find in the wild. SOme rocks, large branches, and a bird bath that is like a large puddle. I have dirt down on the bottom right now but I'm thinking of putting down some heavy mulch that I can pick up at the local stables. The area is 3ft by 8ft. The protected "coop"area is 2ft by 3ft, Plus I have some old shutters lying across the top for shade.

    Here are my feathered friends.
    I have 2 males and 12 females. There maybe another male or 2 in there but I think there are just the 2.

    There is a window in the back of the coop but I have it covered with plexiglass. Didn't want any cross breezes chilling them.

    So all you quail people what do you think? Should I put in a "ladder" for them to get up and down with or will they all fly back up? I know one of my males was up and down today but I'm gone all day and not sure who else may have been.
  2. RioLindoAz

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    Jul 8, 2007
    Yuma, Arizona
    Awsome quail-coop! When my uncle was breeding quails, he had a huge "pen" the size of a large coop. Those quails are so friendly, aren't they? Nice Job!

  3. WriterofWords

    WriterofWords Has Fainting Chickens

    Dec 25, 2007
    Chaparral, New Mexico
    Love that idea! I've been wondering what to do for my little Japanese quail, other than sell them! My son wants to keep a few and the 6 we hatched are laying like crazy. Only problem is,,,,, I don't know if any of them are male! I might just "steal" an idea off of you.
  4. swiftfoot

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    Dec 23, 2007
    Blountville , TN
    looks great
    quail can fly to the top but it wouldnt hurt
  5. CoyoteMagic

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    Wasn't sure if I should or not. It won't take but a turning of a couple screws to put it back on.
  6. eggzettera

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    Love it I sooooo want quail. [​IMG] Maybe next year [​IMG] after I have read up more on incubation.....
  7. naturemom

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    May 28, 2007
    northern IL
    I've been wanting quail, and haven't been sure how to house them. That looks great! Will it be warm enough for them in winter?
  8. PearlD

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    Apr 15, 2007
    Northwest Alabama
    We happened upon an old cotton wagon to house our quail. The only thing we added was a top and a plywood door on the end for feeding and gathering eggs. We filled it with shavings and large branches. Also added nesting boxes.

    The great thing about it is, it still has the tires on it, so we can move it as needed with the tractor.
    The quail can fly, lookout, and lay eggs in a habitat that is large, secure, and not too much of an eyesore!

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