My quail is hurt help!


Nov 17, 2020
Hey I have this quail about 4 weeks old now and he doesn’t walk anymore he like scoots on his stomach and I take him out to walk a bit and he just sits there and when he tries to move he loses balance and kinda falls over a bit. I moved him in the house now big space so he can walk and I put food and water right next to him if he can’t walk but i don’t know what’s wrong with him should I take him to the vet? He kind of rocks too like he gets on the bac


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Can you post a video to Youtube and link it here? What have you been feeding it? How many quail do you have? What is your setup like?
I feed it crumble and I had 20 but I took that one home and put him apart and I have him in a pool filled with wood chips and his water by him and his food
What kind of crumble? What is the nutrition information? The more details and pictures/videos that you can give us, the more likely we are to come up with a decent hypothesis. At this point there is no way to tell if it's injury or illness.

If your quail isn't showing any signs of improvement at this point and a vet is an option, I would take it to a vet.

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