My quail is injured and I need some advice

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Meganhasquail, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Nov 7, 2013
    I have two cotournix quail that live in a cage in my room. They are approximately 4 months old and have lived together in my cage for their whole lives, as I moved them in two days after we hatched them. My white one, Dot has been a standard quail. She lays one egg a day, is active, and isn't particularly fond of being picked up. My brown one, Simon is a bit of a mystery to me. I thought I wasn't getting the proper amount of eggs, which really doesn't matter to me, two quail eggs isn't exactly breakfast, but I was concerned. She didn't exhibit any signs of being impacted so I was not concerned. About 2 weeks ago, I realized Dot had not moved in several days, something extremely unusual. I washed her up, made sure she drank water, and gave her food and I could tell she could not use her leg. I considered that she was impacted, but a warm bath did nothing for her and I assumed if she was, she would be dead soon and there was little I could do about it. Well, she didn't die. Today I took her out and washed her properly again and it appears as though her leg is properly broken. Strangely, Simon has shown absolutely zero aggression towards Dot, even though she cannot move. My dad has quail out back that are for egg-collecting purposes and if one of them is hurt, the other females immediately attack her. So basically I have two questions
    1. Does anyone know why Simon and Dot would behave so differently when Dot is injured?
    2. Why would Simon never ever lay eggs? Not a single egg has been laid since Dot was injured.
    3. Should I put Dot down? I strongly believe that her injury will not get better, leaving her dragging/hopping/pulling herself around for the rest of her life
    4. If I put Dot down, what should I do with Simon? These are social birds, Simon should not have to live on her own. I don't think I would be adequate or welcome company/ replacement but I also believe that my birds have lived the 'good life' and would be unable to hold their own with the birds who have lived outdoors. She would be attacked and she would be unable to cope with the temperature differences. We live in an area where quail are native, so I could set her free but I need other perspectives before I do something like that.
    I let it go for so long because I read on another forum that somebody had a similar problem but eventually the quail just started walking again, so I'm reluctant to put her down if it's likely to get better.
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    Oct 4, 2013
    The only advice I know of to give for Dot's broken leg is too keep her still and let the leg heal on it's own.

    If something happens to her, I would suggest getting another quail for Simon. I hope she gets better. [​IMG]
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    Wrap it in gauze just firmly enough so blood can flow. That's all I can suggest. I had a a male quail with a broken wing we named him gimpy i let it heal on his own and he seems to be fine now.
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    You need to decide if she is too far gone and not suffering. If she is unable to eat or drink without your help, she may be suffering so badly that she needs to be put down. Do not handle her much for a few days. You might also take out the male for now and add some heat to this injured bird. Birds that become injured can go into shock. Shock causes them to get very cold, so cold in fact it can kill them. Get the temp up to 85 degrees F or so with a heat lamp. Put a thermometer on the floor of the pen/cage next to her. Let her be for 24 hours and see if the heat doesn't get her healing. Some birds can survive broken limbs, however you will probably have to care for her for the rest of her days, paying great attention to her needs.

    As for the male...should this female die. Some people keep single quail all the time. If you give this male enough attention, he can survive quite happily by himself. Just make sure you take the place of a mate and spend as much time with this bird as possible.

    As for why this male did not attack this bird...not all birds are that aggressive. Especially when they DON'T see blood. Blood makes them attack. But a bird just sitting there is not something that turns on the aggression. And again, not all birds attack a sick or injured bird.

    But again, you need to decide by looking at this female as to whether or not she should be put down. I am so sorry.
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    Jul 9, 2012
    as long as the wound is not mortal and she can eat and drink fine i see no reason to put her down

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