My quail (PIC'S)


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Jan 3, 2009
Lake Butler, Florida
I thought I would start a thread on my quail. Last week I got 10 of them to start off with. Today they are 17 days old and I am very proud of them. I have wanted quail even before I got started with chickens just always told they are to hard to raise. Anyways here are some pic's of my start...


i like the upside down flower pot. do they use it?

They look like coturnex if so there not hard to keep at all. nice looking setup ya got
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Something (I think a cat) killed 5 of them today. Only 4 left out of 10
. Pulled them through the wire as small as it is or most of the way through.
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Yea sounds like a coon, get some hardware wire and line the cage with it. They will get more tonight... you may want to put them in something else or move the cage inside the garage or something until you can line the cage or cover the outside with 1/2" hardware wire. So sorry about your losses

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