My "Rainbow" Colored Orpingtons.... Attn: Tadkerson


Jan 16, 2008
Pics one and two are same roo. Black,white and buffish colored.
Pic three is Blue,white,some black and buff roo.
Pic four is Red and black Roo.
Pic five is Red/black pullet.
Pic six is black/buff pullet
Pic seven is a polka dot pullet (was supposed to be splash, I dunno. lol)
Pics 8,9 and 10 are from my first hatch back in march. Both roos. Both came from a half blue orp(roo) and half sex-link hen of some type.
Birds 1-7 are pure Orpingtons, no other breeds what-so-ever.
Hope you like them.

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Photo #6 the black and white mottling(??) has heart shapes in it. What 2 orps did you breed?

Are these large fowl or bantam orpingtons?
Thank you everyone for the awesome compliments, I appreciate it.
Now for my secret. These birds came from blue orp roo`s with 2 buffs and a black hen.
Thats it, that is my secret. no fine print, no hidden anythings. lol
I purchased the 2 buff hens last spring from a woman who responded to an ad I had put out looking for orpington hens for my blue roo`s. I do not know their backround, so whatever little color genes they might or not be hiding is a mystery to me. My first blue roo and the black hen came from G*rd*e.(most know who he is). And the other blue roo I received from Miss Sue (BYC member). Again, I do not know HIS backround except that he was healthy and obviously well cared for by her.
That being said, were these colors planned? Absolutely not! I was just as surprised as the rest of you.
The 8 and 9 (same bird) and 10 roos are from the blues roo mixed with sex-link hens.
My guess is that they have rhode island red and something else mixed in because of the hens. They do however have white legs. And the whiteish splashish roo is a really shiny silver in the sunlight. This post is getting long, so I will end it here for now. Any other questions? I`d be more than happy to write some more about these rainbow birds.

These ARE all large fowl.
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