my Red Rangers, 6 wks old. kinda pix heavy


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Apr 10, 2012
They are huge, substantially bigger than my W Leghorns. Anyway, like I said before, I have 2 from a straight run and they're turning a bit red. I LOVE both these birds, one more than the other, she's so friendly... but I'm soooo worried that she is a he, or both are he's. I wont be able to eat them.. I'd have to try and rehome them. SOOOO... here you go...

believe this is Ginger

This is Buffy, but the sun is washing out some color.


is is Gingers tail

Buffy's tail

One for size. Both breeds are loosing some large, wing feathers already.

And one of my leghorns cause they're all white and pretty :D
Well Red Rangers are a meat breed, so I don't know what you were planning on doing with them
How old are they? Buffy is definitely a cockerel with those whopping wattles already in Not sure about Ginger, but he/she is looking boyish to me, age would help.
They are six weeks old. I was under the impression that they're a duel bird and will lay well for me, if they are, in-fact girls. Buffy has had me concerned for a while now, but his/her comb hasn't changed in size much and is only slightly wider, hardly noticeable, that Gingers.
They look just like my Rhode Island Reds and are both female with very red combs and wattles. Big Red has a very large comb while her sisters is not as big (hense her name, lol) They are dual purpose, but the meat gets tough as they age. Typically people that use them as dual purpose process them at around a year. Also, Just for comparison, I have 2 Red Rangers that are 6 weeks and look completely different. Red Rangers are a meat bird and grow very large very quickly (8 -10 weeks) any longer and they run the risk of dying of weight related issues.

here is a pic of the Red Ranger, 6 weeks

and Big Red (this is her at about a year) check out that comb!

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Top of the hill, your "RIR" is actually a Production Red. RIR are an almost black red. True Red Rangers grow much slower than Cornish Crosses and are the color of the OP's birds.
Red Rangers are more of a meat bird, I just looked it up to confirm. What makes me think cockerel for Buffy are his wattles, they are big and red. You might still have a chance with Ginger, but My bet is that they are both cockerels sorry
hopefully others will chime in.

"The Red Ranger is our baseline product which does it all. It has good growth rate and feed conversion, great livability and a 70% live to dressed weight yield.
The breast meat on a long keel is in natural proportion to the leg meat. It is three yellow: yellow skin, shanks and beak. The Red Ranger has strong legs, a dark red feather color, with black feathered wing tips and tail feathers.
This versatile bird is an excellent forager well suited for any environment."
This is from S & G Poultry.
Red Ranger Broilers are a slower growing breed, thus they are naturally better suited to the higher welfare and all true natural rearing systems (full pasturing, free range, organic, certified, backyard etc.…). In the United States most modern poultry industrial production models use fast gro
This is from Green Hills Poultry
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Crap on a stick. I still hoping and not ready to give up yet until I'm 100% sure... REALLY can't have them crowing thou' :(
Honestly, the thing I don't understand is.. they're a LOT reder when it's warm out. I went to see them w/ my daughter earlier and they're not near as red now. This is Ginger, cooled off. No where near as red. Even the leghorns are less pink

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