My Rhode Island Red has started attacking me and my husband

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Dani004, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Dani004

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    Dec 22, 2013
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    :pHi everyone, I am new to this site, and somewhat new to owning chickens. I have an issue tho, and didn't know where to get any answers. I hope someone can help!!

    First I guess a little background is important. Around June, a random Rhode Island Red hen showed up at my house. She was very friendly. She ran up to my husband when she saw him, sat on his feet and never left! We bought two others after that so she wouldn't be alone. I do not know how old she is, but is full grown and over the summer layed an egg a day. She would follow us around, let us pet her and even tried to get into our house.

    However, the last month or so she has gotten mean and violent. She pecks at me whenever I feed them. its a huge ordeal. If she is out of her coupe she will go after my feet, and not in a funny playing way. it is clear she is being agressive. Her neck gets long, and it looks like she is getting ready to fly and attack me. Yesterday she did this and I had my 11 month old in my arms! I am getting really worried! Help please!
  2. lazy gardener

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    Nov 7, 2012
    How do you respond to her when she shows aggression? She needs to be taken down a peg or two. She is playing the pecking order game, and in her opinion, she is head of the flock, and you are part of her flock. So, never back down from her. In fact, it's time for you to turn the tables on her and be the aggressor. I'm not saying that you should hurt her, just speak her language. When you are walking near her, do not go around her. Walk through her. If she does not move, keep moving, and use your foot to push her out of the way. Stomp your feet at her, chase her. Pick her up and carry her. Grab her by the scruff of the neck and pin her down to the ground. Hold her there until she stops struggling, then for a bit longer. I'd give her 2 weeks of dominance training, then if things don't change, I'd invite her into the kitchen for dinner. RIR have a reputation for being dominant, and she's probably taking on the leader role, especially where you don't have a rooster.
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    I'm with the above post. Really, doesn't matter why she does this. Either she's the boss, or you are. If those suggestions aren't successful, rehome her with full disclosure. That hen isn't worth risking your baby.
  4. Dani004

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    Dec 22, 2013
    Eastern Long Island
    Thank you. I guess I do need to take a more agressive role with her. I do cower to her. It's scary! Lol.
  5. ChickensAreSweet

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    I agree with showing her that you are the top hen- but if you are going to be out there with your baby, realize that you can never trust her around your child...they can peck eyes.

    So if your baby is going to be outside around the hen, I'd get rid of the hen.
  6. Avlana

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    Nov 14, 2013
    I agree that she needs to be knocked down a few pegs. She's acting as the top hen. Don't be afraid and back away from her or show any submissive behaviors. Apply pressure by facing her and moving in closer to her. (Without holding your baby of course.) Show her who's boss. Stomp your feet or yell. Get her to back away from you. Keep baby away for the time being. If she doesn't straighten up, she'll need to become dinner. Can't risk your little one getting flogged in the face. If any of my birds did that, I'd grab a hatchet real fast.
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