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    Ronery is a juvenile blue pied muscovy drake. His mother laid his egg in another hen's clutch that was already 2.5 weeks into incubation - so when his clutchmates hatched, he wasn't ready yet. I popped him in my incubator and 2.5 weeks later, out popped Ronery. But, I had a predicament. His mother continued to lay her nest elsewhere, but the rest of his real siblings weren't going to hatch for another couple weeks. So, I gave him his rather appropriate name and raised him in a brooder. He bonded to me, and followed me around. I would take him out and carry him around while doing chores and while milking. He was the only duck allowed in my milkroom, where he got all the best treats. [​IMG]

    As you can see, he has angel wing. I fully and completely attribute this to diet. Most of my ducklings are raised naturally with their moms. They have access to food 24/7, but they also free range and their diet is somewhat diluted by grass, weeds, and whatever else they find. Ronery has been my ONLY muscovy raised in a brooder, and the ONLY one that has gotten angel wing. I've had my breeding stock for a while and have hatched out a LOT of muscovies, too. [​IMG] Therefore I'm fairly certain it is NOT genetic in this case.

    Ronery gets to be my special buddy. He knows his name and as long as I don't sneak up on him, he still lets me pet him a lot. He even tries jumping in my lap, which he's no good at. [​IMG] I never thought I'd have a duck that would be any more than breeding stock to me.
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    Sounds like his personality makes up for the looks. I often find that the ones with a deformity are the nicest as adults. I guess the extra attention they get goes a long way towards that.

    Your so lucky to have such a special buddy. [​IMG]

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