My roo is nesting and clucking. Why?


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Wasilla, Alaska
I found my one year old Cookoo Maran Roo sitting in a hen's nest and clucking. I am wondering if this is something that they do. The hens have all been laying eggs since last Sept. so I doubt he was doing a demo for the girls on the basics of laying an egg. I found it to be strange behavior for such a manly acting rooster. He is very patient, nice and takes care of his harem very well. Any ideas or anyone else witness their rooster doing this. Thanks.
Sometimes my roos will go into the nest box and make a rest while calling for the ladies to come see, maybe he's telling them to make him his breakfast
Although your hens have already been laying, it's still the rooster's job to show them the best (safe) places to lay their eggs. My little d'uccle roo does this often. It's kind of like when the roo calls them over for bits of food he's found.
My EE roo has crammed himself in a nest box while his girlfriend lays. He has also convinced the other girls to lay a couple times on the poop board. Not sure why he deemed that a good spot, but I had to put a stop to that. It's all just part of his duty to take care of his flock.
My OEGB used to sit on eggs (before he met his maker)... He would actually steal eggs from the hens and sit in the nest box for hours.

He and I already had issues, but when he would attack me when I tried to push him off the nest...we had even bigger issues.

I've decided some Roos simply have "gender disorientation".

AND, Hens are not immune from this either, now that I am Roo-less, my boss hen does a crow like noise.

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