My roo loves the color Red

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    Apr 28, 2014
    When my roo sees the color red he 'dances'...its a side ways tap-dance..bobs his head....coos....its kind of cute. He gets extremely excited. Then he goes and mounts the girls or chases them round the yard. He especially like shiny satin...he will come along side me and 'dances' side ways and coo. I think its partly my his eyes I started as a roo but I think because I joined in the egg song to try to get one of my girls to go broody...(I will explain that in another he thinks I am a hen now.

    I wore bright satin red pj's out into the kitchen and he wouldn't stop displaying. He now has started doing it to my daughter when she had a shirt on that was red. There must be some combinations of differences that they can see....because he doesn't do it to my red blankets or anything that is pretty well stationary. Although I haven't seen him react to any of the red cars that come round.

    He hasn't pecked or attack any of us. And his approach is different as compared to if he is mad at something or is trying to defend his girls. He wont approach from the front directly he side steps. Then stomps his feet....etc. Anyone else notice this before in their roos ?
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    Nothing to do with color.
    That is a domination behavior, wing drop and dancing can be preliminary to attack.
    Read up on rooster behaviors and beware of your kids getting hurt.

    Information on how many hens, age of birds, how you handle and house them will helps folks make suggestions on how to handle the situation.

    IMO stew is the best solution if ALL the people exposed to him can't maintain the dominant attitude needed to keep a roo from trying to dominate.
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    Apr 28, 2014
    Well thanks for the suggestion, but this is totally different behavior from when he has gotten 'aggressive' ...we do have a method we have been using and it is working.

    I am actually trying to learn from my chickens on how they 'talk'....there is nothing in this recent behavior that suggests in the slightest that he is getting 'aggressive'...especially with his cooing....I almost want to say purring....if chickens can purr.

    Believe me I can tell when he is being 'aggressive' its much different.
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    Apr 28, 2014
    Well early in the mornings I have noticed the the girls wake up just before laying their combs and waddles are
    extremely and noticeably flush red. Like usual my roo 'dances' (a side ways tapping of his feet...if you can picture
    a toddler really excited...or a dog that has to go out and can't stand still for a moment cause they have to go to the
    bathroom dance), runs, tail wiggle, coos/purrs, and side to side head bobbing (like a cockatoo).
    No dropping of the wings...No pecking...No head long frontal charging...No growling......No flaring up....not at me
    or my daughter or other animals or people. If we wear red he will do this 'dance' but not
    all the time...and I am trying to get it on video but it happens really quickly. I am trying to get the exact relation to
    combination of triggers sets him 'dancing' with us so at least I know when it should occur and I could have the camera ready.
    After the girls eat they will pop in and drop an egg. I have noticed that the combs and waddles go pink. Everyday
    its the same thing like clock work. If I am inside or out with them my roo will 'dance' for his girls... sometimes for us also....
    no he hasn't tried to 'mount' us either....just in case you are wondering.
    I have also noticed that he sometimes will do this when he crows and I go to the door to let them outside. They stay on the
    stairs until I come out with my coffee. He does it when I walk out into the yard sometimes he reminds me of my Pomeranian.
    This happens whether or not we are wearing red clothing. And yes they grew up with dogs also.
    I haven't read anything yet on it....or seen video on domestic birds doing this...
    Any one else have similar behavior...and please NO comments or pms about cooking him...this is not 'aggression' but I would like to understand it.
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