My roo turned into a man overnight!


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
I currently have 2 roos & 11 girls. The WR roo has always been more aggressive towards the girls & I thought for sure he would "mature" more quickly than the RIR. Nope, I was wrong!

This morning I was feeding them and I heard the "cockle-doodle-doo" From the RIR
I live in a suburban/urban area so roos aren't too well received. Then I look at him and he's trying to mount my girls! They of course, are freaking out, thinking that they're being attacked. What the heck? He just became a man overnight?!?

Its time to get rid of this "peanut packer" 2 roos will be too rough on my girls, as I'm hoping to keep the WR, as its ds' chicken. But, we'll have to wait and see about him.

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