My Rooster cannot walk or stand!

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  1. MaxTheChicken

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    Dec 19, 2016
    I have had my Rooster for 5-6 years and he is like family to us. a few weeks ago I found him in the chicken pen not being able to walk or stand. I tried helping him back up but he would just fall over. So, now we have him in the house in the cage and he still cannot walk or barely stand. He has a hard time breathing at times, his comb is discolored and laying over a bit. He also seems to be having a hard time pooping only liquid or gas comes out. He will eat some and i give him water through a little pipet. But I do not know what to do or give him and I think his time is running short though he is still pretty peppy. WHAT DO I DO?
  2. Sad, it may be his age.....Some Birds at that age die.......They just get old....Try just fresh water and regular Chicken food.....Way to many things to list that could be wrong with him?......Possible vet visit?

    Best of luck...

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    Yes, your rooster is dying. It sounds from his symptoms like he probably has cancer. Viruses can cause tumors to grow on organs and even joints. This has probably been going on for some time, but chickens are good at hiding their discomfort until it gets to the point of collapse.

    I've had chickens come down with these symptoms over the last decade, and I just ascribed it to "wasting disease", but then I had a necropsy done on a rooster I euthanized with symptoms exactly like yours. I learned my flock carries an avain leukemia virus. Marek's is in this group.

    I urge you to get a necropsy on your roo when his time is up. I'm sorry I can't give you a cure and hope.
  4. MaxTheChicken

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    Dec 19, 2016
    Thank you, he is eating and drinking water too. I'll make his last few days or so as comfy as possible. Thank you guys so much. <3
  5. Bruster Rooster

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    Sorry about your Rooster. I know some would say "see an Avian Vet", but there isn't one within 100 miles of me. However, even though I live in a small town, I decided to call around & surprisingly found 2 Vets within 20 miles of me, who treat chickens on a regular basis & are willing to take care of a case of bumblefoot with my chicken. They just don't specialize in birds. If you want to be sure you have given your rooster every chance, you might want to try that.

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