My rooster doesn't look right - and doesn't crow now...


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
I have a single rooster who was about 10 months when we got him. What a showboat he was!! We added to the coop with 4 other younger hens and they all get along fine. (that's the good news
). Bud, about 3 months ago, Buford (that's his name) began to moult. Lost his tail feathers, and neck feathers and a few in other places. A month later they began to come back in. However, now he looks scraggly around the head and no feathers under the neck. He also has stopped crowing, although he was not a strong crower to begin with since he was young. I don't see him scratching or picking in any way, and since they are feathers under his neck I don't think that's the problem anyway. I have looked at sites regarding mites but the symptoms don't seem to be the same...any ideas what's happening to our Buford???

Buford when we brought him to live here:

Buford now:
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Yeah - that's sort of what I was thinking but it's been over three months since he lost his feathers, and it didn't really take but about a month to get them back.

We are feeding them scratch grains, grass, extra tomatoes we don't eat as a treat now and then, and when we can we give them grubs and meal worms, sometimes even wigglers left over from our fishin trip. Also, because he is in the coop with the hens he has access to the laying mash we have set out for them. We clean their water almost daily, and the coop has shavings.
Hm, only think I can think of is to add in some black oil sunflower seeds or maybe feed him some catfood (wet or dry) for a protein boost (catfood on occassion). It'll help him regrow his feathers. You can feed'em fish too, little minnows (whole) or slices of fresh (raw) fish. Lots of good healthy protein and oils.

Scrambled or boiled eggs can also give additional protein.
Thanks! we will try that - have lots of fish around here and minnows too!! My husband actually said he saw Buford scratching today around his neck so bless his heart it could be mites
. We will call the vet tomorrow to ask more questions.

Thanks all for the advice!!

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