My rooster has a swollen comb Why?????


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hello BYC members

I am new to this site but have been on here a few times to answer some questions that I had about my chickens.
Well I have a rooster who i bought from a Petshop who has a really large,
Well I mean excessively large comb its swollen in the middle and it falls to the side over his eye before i dubbed him. He is less than 1 year according to what i have learned. I dubbed his head less than 2 days ago i just dubbed the tips of his single comb since they were black and i believe this is because of frostbite or infection.

I need to know is it ok to dub his comb completely or what....
Help!!!! please

Heres some pictures

Picture of our rooster Fabio......
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I agreee with infection.
I wouldn't dub the whole comb because:
The comb serves two primary purposes. The first is thermostasis. Thermostasis is the ability of a living organism to maintain the same temperature, regardless of changes in the environment. Birds with combs can route blood flow through the comb, allowing heat to dissipate more quickly. The second purpose of the comb is to serve as an indicator of health. A healthy bird will have a bright, pliable and shapely comb. A sick bird may show a dirty, flaccid or otherwise unsatisfactory comb.
Yes, it was copied and pasted from a website but my point still stands. You can either take him to a vet or feed him the appropiate meds from your feed store - I would just ask what they reccomend.

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