My rooster has an eye problem; think it may be a symptom of a respiratory issue; HELP!

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    Feb 14, 2016
    Of course this happens Easter weekend.


    This is how we found him last night when we went to put them in their coop; this is how he was this morning. One of his eyes in shut and very very watery. Also, he has facial swelling on that side as well.


    He opens his eye alittle, but not alot. You can tell for him seeing out of that eye is ****** near impossible, so he over compensates the lack of vision on one side with turning his head around frequently.


    This is his good side. As you can see, his eye is wide open, no swelling, perfectly fine. He turns his head all sorts of directions to make sure he can see everything

    I adopted him from my local humane society the day before Valentine's Day, so I'm not sure what his history was and why he was donated. My 14 other girls seem to be just fine, with the occasional sneezes, but nothing like this.

    So far, I've treated him with some VetRx, made him drink it like a nipple dripper since he wouldnt open his mouth all the way. I rubbed some of it on his combs and under his nostrils to help him breathe some of it in. I flushed out his eye with normal water, but I have some saline solution (1/2 tsp baking soda to 2 cups/1 pint of water; boiled and now cooling) for him the next time I catch him.

    He's used to free ranging with the girls, so we let him out for the day to see what happens. He's not lethargic or anything, although I think having a half swollen face/eye may be slowing him down physically (of course).

    I'm worried this my be Mycoplasma or infectious bronchitis, he does not have a smelly face/mouth area so I've already ruled out Coryza.

    What do you guys think?

    I live in an area with very few farm animal vets (nor can I afford them) and, being Easter weekend, no way to get any help until monday (a whole 24-48 hours away).

    What should I do? Am I doing all I can? Am I doing it right? Is Tylan 50 a good antibiotic to treat him with? Should I treat the whole flock even though they aren't showing symptoms?

    I just need advice, thank you!
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    It's possible he could have one of the respiratory infections you mention.
    Any other symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing or discharge from the nose?

    Another possibility is he has something in the eye which can cause facial swelling. Just in case, I would place a warm compress on the eye then use a qtip to see if it is scratched or he has some dirt/gunk in there. After you clean/flush the eye you can use something like vetericyn eye gel or terramycin eye ointment in the eye.

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