My rooster has favus! Help Please!

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    I have older post about this, but they never really did anything. [​IMG] I think this sounds like favus, at first I didn't really know, but now it has progressed. He has a few white spots and his comb is flakey and powdery. He is eating normal, doing his job, about everything a normal chicken does. I will get some pics of it tomorrow. Here are my questions

    1.Should I quarantine him?
    2.What do I need to do to prevent it from spreading to the flock?
    3.How do I cure it? I have just started putting Nystatin on the comb and wattles.
    4. Anything else I should know about this topic?

    Thanks you guys! Please Help because I am worried. [​IMG]
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    Somebody please help. [​IMG]
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    I wish I could help, but I don't have experience with favus. Have you done a a search here on BYC for it? I know Speckledhen has dealt with it before on a rooster she had gotten, you could send her a PM.

    edited to add - Get your pics up as soon as you can. Once you post pictures, you'll likely get a lot more responses then.
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    Quote:Thank you so much! I am really just confused. I am going to try to get some pics today, so everyone be on the look out. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thank you so much! Anybody else wanna help?
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    Extracted From:

    A Pocket Guide to
    Poultry Health

    By Paul McMullin
    [​IMG] 2004
    Click Here to
    Order Your Copy

    A fungal infection, Trichophyton gallinae, of chickens and turkeys. It is very rare in commercial poultry production.


    •White, powdery spots and wrinkled crusts and scab on comb and wattles.
    •Feather loss.
    •'Honeycomb' skin.
    •Thick crusty skin.
    •Loss of condition.
    Post-mortem lesions

    •See signs (above).
    Lesions, isolation.

    Formalin in petroleum jelly.

    Good hygiene of facilities, culling affected birds.

    Thats all I know as well.
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    See the peeling on the side of this boy's face? That is favus. Sometimes a dry comb will look like favus, but this time of year, we see lots of dry combs. That rooster was being kept in a very wet, nasty environment and had favus and lice.

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    I am going to get a picture now! I will be back on in a few minutes to show you guys!
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    Quote:He may have favus but he's also got a great Stink Eye!

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