my rooster is attacking me!!!

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    One of our roos was mean to me and my daughter. Never to DH. I think it was a combination of what we wore (loose flower print pants, bright colors, crocs, yellow boots) vs guy wear (jeans, sweatshirt, hiking boots), and who knows what. We finally got sick of him and ate him. He even tasted mean, but I savored every bite. I hated that rooser![​IMG]
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] From the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS (everything is bigger here)

    In My House I have but one rule the first time is calling out the head rooster (me) the second time he goes into a time out cage for a few days the thrid time he is dinner plain and simple but you may wanna try what I do it has worked for me so far Poke him in the middle of his back or on top of his head It is the pecking order thing, mine does not even come around me because I am head roo in my coop because I did it to mine a few times when they got co..........uppity with me now I walk in all the girls run over to me and the roos all stay back.

    Good luck to you and the kids.

    Oh and have the kids do it as well so the roos will know you are below us.
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    Even if you could readjust his attitude towards you, he would remain very dangerous to your children. Just think of the potential damage to their eyes or faces from his spurs or toenails. Off with his head!
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    Ya know, crockpot chicken's awful tasty!
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    OK I have a mean roo too... First things first... depending on the ages of your kids you and your kids should do a few things:

    When you are just in the coop being normal:

    1) "peck" at his head and neck area with your fingers
    2) maybe chase him a little bit (because that is what head roo would do
    3) carry him by his feet for a little bit while you do your regular chores

    When he is chasing/attacking you:

    1) Give him a good a good swift boot! (make sure that you aren't wearing shoes that will fly off! [​IMG] *I don't know anyone who has done that LOL* [​IMG]
    2) Carry a 2x4 with you! Seriously, I hit my rooster with the first thing I was carying (a 2x4) and it didn't hurt him a bit. He walked away, turned and looked at me, and ruffled his feathers in disgust! LOL

    One thing to remember! NEVER RUN AWAY FROM HIM! HE WILL CHASE YOU MORE AND MORE OFTEN! Just kick him for pete sake!
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    ok, so i went out this afternoon and when i walked in he started puffing himself up, and getting real bouncy like a boxer, then he started trying to spur my legs! so thinking in advance- i wore my heavy boots- and kicked him away 3 times. he backed up a bit. thought it over and came at me agin!so we battled it out agin then i left. when my kids got home they stoped by the coop to see if he was still here( they are 13, 14, 16, & 18) and are afrade of him, and want him to go couse i wont let them in the coop to see their girls. and he tried to fight them threw the fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i called my friend and we are going to go see the rooster he wants to trade, and the hubby gets to take care of the girls till he is gone, and he gets the joy of catching that rooster when it is time. i cant imagine the outcome of that fight if i had to do it.
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    The best way for catching him would be at night when he's roosting. Have hubby pluck - er, pick - him off the roost and put him in a carrier of some sort. He'll be fine till he gets to his new home the next day.
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    Apr 17, 2009
    Our rooster is doing the same thing, but he's only a year old. We can't leave the house without a stick (they free range). Im NOT doing this all summer, so he's off to market next weekend and will be replaced with a new man.
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    My 8 week old rooster tried to chase me the other day. I heard this noise coming up behind me & turned around & saw him. As soon as I faced him, he stopped dead in his tracks & ran off. I hope he does not turn out to be a sneak attack rooster or he will be replaced.

    Anyhow, good luck with your new rooster. I hope he is much nicer.

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