My Rooster is nuts

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7 Years
Jun 22, 2012
I have a 4 month old Will summers rooster,and 8 RR Hens I got all of them when they where 1 day old, Theve been with each other since then . All was fine here untill about a month ago, The rooster started to crow and was running around with his head down and wings out, what a rooster is suppose to do, now he wont let any of the hens in the coop to roost at night, This is the second night in a row my hens are out side and he's hoggin the hole place to himself. My wife thinks I ought to go out and toss his sorry behind outside of the pen so the girls can get in! Any suggestions...Bob
Your wife may be right. He is supposed to be protective, not bullying. You might try isolating him for a few days, then put him back and see if the girls take charge more when he returns.
you are the head rooster, toss him out and if you can catch him hold him on his back in your arms for 5-10 minutes,

flock isolation works well too but i found a combo of both work really good.

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