My rooster killed a hawk ***Pics***


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
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My rooster Smoke killed a hawk today. There are always hawks here in South Florida. My rooster always challenges hawks when they come around. My neighber called me when it happened and was worried about my rooster. By the time he went to help, the hawk was down. The hawk tried to get one of his hens and Smoke slammed him so quick he had no chance. Smoke made out OK, just a slight limp. By the way, Smoke is one of the most friendly roosters there is. He likes me to lay down and he will jump up on my back and talk to me. He also likes me to stroke his chest. Here are a few pics.

holy smokes!!! WE have that same kind of hawk , color and breed everything been stalking my chickens for awhile now.
Glad your rooser is okay, cool that he got it.

I'd suggest disposing of the carcass quickly. It is illegal to posses feathers or parts of protected migratory species (of which all birds of prey fall under), and doesn't discriminate between naturally or unnaturally killed birds.

That is one tenacious rooster you have, though. He held his own.
Thanks, I could not believe how big he was when I seen him. I knew other roosters would not bother his group of hens, but the hawk's wing span was 4' 2''. Smoke spurred him through one of his eyes. He will stand and face any hawks and never go after any hens. Big mistake on his part. Thanks for all of the replies.

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