My Rooster laid an egg!!!

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  1. I cannot believe it! My Rooster laid an egg. This morning when I went to the coop, I found a tiny egg, the size of a pigeon's egg in the nest. I googled and found that this is a rare occurrence! Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks
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    I honestly can't say I have. Do you have any pullets near laying age in your coop, apart from the rooster?
  3. Yes I do, there are 7 young hens in the coop directly next to them and i expect them to start laying very soon. My original hen laid five eggs of which 3 hatched and the two are roosters and the one is a hen and they are now 8 months old. She and the mother are laying. I read on google that this is a rare ocurrence, but that some young roosters, when making the transition to adulthood, sometimes lay an egg. I wonder if it is edible, what do you think? Best regards
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    These are some of my chicks and that is Alex the Rooster who laid the egg! You can see his tiny egg amongst the others in the tray.
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    did you see the egg come out of his butt? it is just not possilbe at all for a rooster to lay an egg they dont have the parts to do that...just as a human male does not have the parts to give birth to a child....the ONLY way that is possible is if it is actually a hen that has become dominate and taken the roosters place and grew feathers like a rooster and possibly crow like a that is possilbe it is rare but possible
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    This post got me curious and I found this on the web:

    But I don't see how it's anatomically possible for a rooster to lay an egg? Females, just like human females, are born with all there eggs and "run out" eventually. Rooster's don't even have the same anatomy, they have testicles and they aren't born with ovaries (unless maybe it's a hermaphrodite?). From processing several females and males I can tell you there is definitely a difference on the inside. Who knows, the truth can be stranger than fiction.
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    Roosters do not lay eggs. Someone else laid it or the rooster is a hen. It is not possible at all - that would be like saying that sometimes young men menstruate. They just can't.
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    My hens gave me a few fart eggs this year. They are just egg whites in them, no yoke. I cooked them for my dogs.
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    This is not possible the only possibility is that your 'rooster' was a hen at one point and one of her ovaries was damaged and there was a spike in her testosterone and reverted to a rooster and now she is reverting to a hen again and laid an egg.
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