My Rooster Needs To Learn About "Courting"

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  1. Here i am posting again about rooster behaviors. This is the first season i have chosen to keep roosters, and they are strange and mysterious creatures. One of my favorites is a Columbian Silkie Roo. But he has terrible manners when it comes to the ladies. He is a young guy, only 5 months old. i had to pull him out of the pen with his littermates several weeks ago, as he was just hysterically mating the girls. So now i have him in a small attached pen.

    i let him out to free range occasionally, and he hangs by the other pens, hoping for an escapee. Yesterday, one of my bantam faverolles wandered out and he pounced on her. She squatted obediently, and he did his mating. He hopped off, she took a step and he was back on top of her. That's when he went back into lock-down.

    i really like him. He's pretty, has a wonderfully melodic crow, and lets me pick him up and snuggle him. But i'm afraid to put him in with any ladies. i tried the other day putting him in with another group and he went hog wild, even hopping on top of a little two-month-old before i could snag him and pull him out.

    Am i doing something wrong? How can i introduce him into a group of ladies without them getting pummeled? Will this behavior diminish over time? Thanks for any advice from experienced rooster owners.
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  2. Princess Amri

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    Hmm, I don't know. Hate to say it but I don't have any suggestions! I hope he'll calm down with age. He sound nice... other than the obvious problem, of course!
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    I have one rooster with 20 hens. When he first started mating he was pretty excited about it and kept bothering the girls. I dont notice him bothering them much when they are in their run but in the evenings when i let them all out to play for 2 hours before bed he does breed them alot.

    You keeping him from the girls may be whats making him act so crazy with the ladies. Put him in with about 20 girls and they should slow him down.
  4. i wish i had 20 sturdy girls for him so he could wear himself out. He may be extra frantic since he is separated from girls all day. He can see them but not touch them. i tried him with my older bantam group, mainly silkies. The queens of the group intimidated him. So he hopped on the frail little frizzle girl who is currently molting.

    He is just so rude about it all. No dance, no sideling up to them. But i really like him. i've got to figure something out here.
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    Well, don't feel too bad, I have a little 6 month old who tried to mate with Nugget. He ran up to Nugget who was taking a dirt bath and hopped on.. Yeah,, that was bright.
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    He's just a fumbling teenager and doesn't quite yet have the moves down. He'll figure it out. Unless he's hurting the hens, I would just let him do his thang. That's his job!
  7. Quote:Ack! Is he still alive? [​IMG]
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    LOL yeah he is, Nugget isn't a fighter, he just stood up and shook him off. He'd just better hope Nugget doesn't return the favor! [​IMG]
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