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    Sep 17, 2012
    This is supposed to be a pullet but obviously he is a rooster! He was supposed to be an Ameracauna. I know he has the pea comb and small muff ear tufts. I have never seen one with his color!! He looks like they mixed them all up in one rooster!!!

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    That is not an Ameraucana - he is an Easter Egger. Unfortunately Easter Eggers are sold as Ameraucanas, Araucanas, Americanas, or Americaunas 80% of the time.

    A short history on the differences: both descend from cross breedings of an old South American breed known as the Araucana. The Ameraucana began development in the early 1900s, around the same time the Araucana was brought to the US, but it wasn't developed in its modern form until the 1970s. This was the same time commercial hatcheries got their hands on this new Ameraucana breed and crossed it with many other better producing breeds. Originally Easter Eggers could produce any color of egg from blue to pink to white. Nowadays they have been selected mostly to lay blue or green eggs.

    A True Ameraucana will:

    - Be a specific color - e.g. Blue, Black, Wheaten

    - Lay only a Blue egg, never another color

    - Always has a pea comb and muff/beard

    - Usually come from a private breeder

    An Easter Egger will:

    - Be any color or mixture of colors

    - Usually lays a blue or green egg but can lay any color

    - Usually has a pea comb and muff/beard but not always

    - Usually comes from a hatchery
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    X2 on QueenMisha's post.

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