My rough height guide for hens.


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Oct 29, 2011
Proctor, Arkansas
I was looking for a guide of chicken heights to help me in painting life sized chickens. All I could find was listings of weights, with only a two breeds giving heights. So I came up with a approximate ratio of hen chicken weights to heights.
I used the Jersey Giant hen’s maximum 20 inch height and weight of 11 pounds at the top end, the average hen height of 16 inches and weight of 6.5 pounds for the middle and the Dutch bantam with height of 8 inches and weight of 1 pound for the lower end of the scale. I calculated by volume to get close to the breeds' weights. The hen's weights came from Henderson’s Chicken Breed Chart.

I know there are fatter, shorter chickens and taller, thinner chickens but as a rough guide it’s the best I could do. This is only for hens, don’t even ask me about roosters.

Weight in lbs Height in inches Example Breeds
10 -11 18.5 -20 Jersey Giant
9 18 Brahma
8.5 17.5 Cochin
8 17.25 Orpington
7.5 17 Faverolles Plymouth Rock
7 16.5 Sussex
6.5 16 RIR, Wyandotte, Australorp
6 15.75 Welsummer, White Faced Spanish
5.5 15.5 EE, Analusian
5 15 Dominique, Campine
4.5 14.5 Leghorn, Polish
4 13.75 Hamburg, Appenzeller
3.5 13.25 Jaerhon, Fayoumi
3 12.5 ?
2.5 11.5 Bantam Brahma
2 11 Bantam RIR
1.25 10 Rosecomb
1 8 Dutch Bantam

If you want to make corrections, I’ll be happy to see them.

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