My Run isn't tall enough I guess..


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It's about 5' tall 60'x60'. It looked too short to me, but now I know it is. I have 2 Austerlaup hens, and both have flown out of it today. I went ahead, and cooped them up, because I foresee me putting netting across the top. These birds I have are some energetic rousty ones. They play hard together. What is the typical height of a run? Thanks friends
You can clip one set of wing feathers (clip one side only). This is known as clipping the wings, but you don't do anything but cut the flight feathers. They will be unbalanced and won't be able to fly as well.

Your run is fine...netting will come down with snow unless you buy the heavy knotted stuff and make sure it will be rated for a snow load.

My Orpingtons are in a 8 foot high fenced area and don't fly out, but they can fly over 5 feet (my bantams are in the 5 ft. section now and fly out if they want - but they like it in the run better so they stay generally).
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This is why I love this site soooo much ! Thank You for the replys, and ill be clipping some wing feathers tmrw. I swear these girls can fly like a Dove! I'd never thought of clipping there wing, but they need it. I live in a very dangerous area for them as far as predators go! We have a very bad coon, and wild cat problem here! I coop them up every night, but them flying out like that will only make them chicken steak within a few minutes if they make it to the wood line... I have no prob with predators during the day, and the vicinity of the pin, but if I can't catch these hens as lucky as I was today it'd been all over. Again I appreciate your tips! Ill share the experience after I get through. Y'all just saved my chickens!
Clipping looks to be your best bet. You'd spend a fortune trying to seal the top of that run.
Since you will be clipping their wings, I'd give them some cover to dive under in case of hawks/aerial predators. I use free pallets elevated on concrete blocks or firewood. I elevate the whole pallet and then the girls perch on it to preen themselves, get under to get out of the rain, and dive under when they see a hawk.

They will be slower on the retreat if you know what I mean if something chases them.

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