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Hi everyone

I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last couple of years and thanks everyone for being so friendly. I have decided that I am not going to keep chickens anymore because of what has happen and how devastated I am
So here is my story.
So it was just a regular night, I had just come home from a baseball game. It was a little bit after dark so I went outside and to shut the coop. So I got my flashlight and went on to my porch. I looked out to see if everything was ok but I had a weird feeling about this time. I went down the steps and walked down the hill. So I looked inside the coop and nothing was there. At first I was not worried because sometimes they go and sleep in the leaves because they were still getting use to going inside the coop and setting a routine. But they were NOT there. I start searching frantically. I looked and found two out of four. The ones that lived One under the coop and one in the leaves
I kept searching and found feathers but no blood. The feather were fresh but the large amounts of them. I am so devastated. I have been crying for hours
. I have spent so much money and time with these Silkies. I loved them so much. I still cannot believe there gone. I still have two Silkies but I cannot keep them because I am so upset
I have two suspects my dog but there is not blood, or a raccoon or opossum because they can drag them up a tree. I am so angry
and upset. I hate raccoon and opossum. Also I have only had them for 4 months. Right now I have my two Silkies inside. Thanks everyone again for your help and happy chicken keeping!

R.I.P. my two Silkies Precious and Lady
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Alex, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's never easy to accept the death of a feathered friend, no matter what the cause. I hope you'll take a few days to think on your decision to stop keeping chickens. If you think you feel empty right now, just imagine how you would feel if the predator (whatever it may be) had gotten all of your silkies. For as much as you loved your babies, that's how much, and more, you would miss not having them in your life at all. I know how you feel and where you're coming from. I've been there myself.
And I can tell you, from the other side of that kind of tragedy, it does get better in time. And it really helps a great deal to have other chickens with you in times like these. Please give yourself time to heal and time to forgive yourself for any recriminations you may have against yourself (I always felt like I could have, should have done more to protect my babies) before you make any decisions either way.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you'll still come around regardless of which way you go with your chickens. Know that we're here to help you over the rough spots.
So sorry for you, it is so hard to lose those you loved. I have felt that way many times, I wanted to give up because it hurt too much. Wait a few days until the shock subsides. Perhaps you can fortify your coop better, and make changes to keep your other two safe. I have my 2 Silkies in a large cage in my house, perhaps that is a possibility? I'm sure your chickens need you, and you do still have two that survived. If you can't make those changes, I understand why you want to keep your others safe by rehoming them. So very sorry for your loss and i hope their is a happier solution for you.
Alex - please listen to the words of Serrin - don't give up - we all get heartache over the loss of our chicks - but they have enhanced our lives and that is something so very , very special - yes it hurts like hell but think of the good times.... you are caring and that amounts to so much - give other chicks the chance of a great life with you!!!

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