My second small batch of eggs is hatching! ( pics of parents and eggs)


11 Years
Feb 29, 2008
Tucson, Arizona
how do u think the chicks will look? i dont know what breed thje rooster is can any one tell me? the mom is the golden ameraucauna. Im so excited!

This is my golden ameraucauna hen . her name is goldy. shes the mother of the eggs that are in the incubator.

This is a picture of all my chickens so far(i have 8 chicks:p
). the rooster is in the middle.

heres another pic of my rooster. (what breed is he? i was thinking a rhode island red rooster.)

these are the eggs in my r-com incubator. she lays beautiful large light green eggs!

let me know what u guys think

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