My Serama has a gender crisis!

Tara Black

6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
Dover DE
So this is Bob, sold to me by a fellow BYC member and he is the coolest chicken on the east coast! Bob is my house chicken, in the very same way my corgi is my dog. Bob stalks me just like my corgi, but instead of naps at my feet, he prefers my hair or shoulder. I adore Bob and would like to get Bob a room mate to raise right along with him in the house (LF are out in the coop and its a mutual hate relationship). First I have to confirm Bob's gender though and he isn't making it easy. He was about 5 weeks when we got him and that was like 3-4 weeks ago. Bob has not grown one bit despite his soiled prince diet, and he still has the same comb and feathering. He also doesn't crow, and very much still peeps. These pics are of him tonight at roughly 8 weeks old. Please feel free to add your input because I only have lF so far and he is the only Serama I have ever seen in person. Thanks for helping in the quest for Bob's mate :)

Bob looks like a boy :) very red in the face (and HANDSOME!) i wouldnt crow either if my life was so privledgef ;)

I never thought of it that way, but that's absolutely right! He is a pampered little bugger. Hand fed treats all day, bugs served to you and constant climate control.
Hahaha! My chickens (all 41) get fresh veggies at noon with ice thrown on the ground the lay in and grasshopperd fresh caught for them at 6pm daily. Stray dogs prevent free ranging but ill be darned if they miss out on bugs because of it!

He may crow later, my boys are a few weeks younger and are content to let me do all thr talking ;)

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