My Serama hen is ill. I'd appreciate guidance.


···ʞɔǝꓒ ʎɹǝʌƎ ɥʇᴉM ɹǝʇɹoɥS ɓuᴉʇʇǝꓨ sI ʞɐǝꓭ ʎW
Nov 3, 2020
The Emerald Isle
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My Coop
I have 2 pet Serama hens.
Recently, one has become seriously ill. Here are the symptoms:
  • Darker, almost purpling wattles, comb and earlobes.
  • Hunched posture, tucked in head
  • Tiredness, closed eyes
  • Loss of appetite, very thin and light
  • Breathing difficulties, tail moving up and down as she breathes
  • Occasional trembling
I am very worried. The other hen misses her if she's gone for a second, let alone dead.

Though I have bird flu here, she has been in no contact with wild birds, she's always in a covered run or inside and her sister is absolutely healthy.

I'd appreciate help or advice. This is suspiciously like the pneumonia that my elderly (LF) hen got.... It did not end well.

She could be dehydrated. Her skin is darker and wrinkled, her breath is rasping. She really wants water but she'll only drink drops on my finger. I'm so worried and no-one's answering.

If anyone has advice on taking 1 or both to the vet for minimum stress, that would really help.

As you can see at the end of the thread, little Sally didn't make it. Thanks all who supported and guided me.
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There was an egg in the run today, but I'm thinking it was her friend's as it was long and thin and looks like a newbie egg, and my other hen is 6 months and just started to squat. honestly I don't think she'd be well enough to lay a good-sized egg like that.

Thank you for replying!
Any other suggestions?

I want to give her electrolytes for a boost. But how do I give them such a tiny dose and how much in their little less-than-a-cup drinker?
I am sorry your hen is unwell.

How is her breathing, do you hear any kind of gurgling sound? How does her breath smell? Did you look into her beak, do you see any mucous or yellowish or whitish scabs?

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