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    Hi ya'll!!
    So I have two cute quails and one of them is quite sick. She breathes heavily and her nose seems to be blocked. She always has her head tilted to the side like gasping for air and she makes noises, like if she were sneezing. I took her to the vet, which they gave her oral antibiotics plus eyedrops. I try to dap some vetrx on her nose to help her with her breathing. This morning her eyes are droopy and watery. I also notice her butt had alittle bit of blood. I don't know what else to do she's breaking my heart seeing her suffer. I've always had quails and this is the first time one is really sick. I don't if this will pass or she will. I'm trying my best to feed her but she's drinks more water instead. Your thoughts?? :-(
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    What kind of antibiotics did the vet give you? And how old is this bird? Sounds like two things are going on here....a respiratory ailment and if the bird is of laying age, she may be having trouble with egg binding. Was the blood on her or in her poop? With cocci you would see blood in the poop, not on the bird. Make sure the other is not picking on her.

    I would separate her from the other and get her under a heat lamp. What kind of antibiotics did the vet give you?? Are you putting them in her water or down her throat? She probably needs to be on one of the tetracyclines.
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    I have a rooster gasping for air too. I hope your quail makes it!!!
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about your quail, hope she gets better.
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    Thank you!! Me too..
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    [​IMG] you could post her symptoms in detail at "emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures, thread.

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