My Silkie Rooster DOES NOT like my son :-)


In the Brooder
7 Years
Mar 14, 2012

Thought I would share these pics of my Silkie Rooster. We couldn't figure out why he didn't like my son. Upon further watching we noticed my son thought it was "funny" to stand outside the pen and stomp at the rooster. Well guess who has to feed and water him now??? That's right, my son. Hope everyone enjoys the pics. He really is everyone but my son:)
Ha, aww he is so sweet! My rooster does the same and has been doing so since we got our dog.. so I guess he's being a little over protective! He doesn't hurt, hes a bantam so hes tiny..Just have to watch out for eyes because my roo will try and get high to get to our face!! Love the pics! thanks for sharing!
Glad everyone likes the pics. He can be a bit of a handful. Glad he isn't a big rooster. If he was he would do some damage. Thank goodness he is so small. A good pair of rubber boots will protect you:) He has started doing the same thing to me now. Come to find out my son wears my boots to feed him, so guess what he does when he sees my pink rubber boots now??? Lucky me:(

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