My Silkies and their Eggs and Modern Game Bantam babies

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    Mar 9, 2017

    Here's some of my super cutie silkies from 2 months ago. The rooster one on the very right passed away. The white with gray dusting also passed away.

    Here are my 3 fairly new sikies (had them for about 3 weeks now). The gold with gray dusting (2nd from the left) is our original flock. The black one and white one on the right and the bald headed one on the left are the newer ones. The one with bald head we saved. She was being bullied by the rooster in her old home who pecked all her hair out of her head. We're happy that new sprouts are popping up on her head. I'm hoping she'll look super beautiful with a full head soon.


    Somebody was asking about Silkie eggs. Here's our Silkie eggs. I put 2 extra large white eggs from the grocery with the light brown silkie eggs for size comparison.

    And here are my new Modern Game Bantam babies. I don't know who is who. They all look alike. They are lickity-split fast and so we can't just let them roam free otherwise, I'm afraid we won't ever find them again!

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    They are so pretty! [​IMG] Lots of eggs too. The little, tooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

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