my smart chickens....


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
Crow area- near Eugene OR
moved into their coop on Monday, we moved runs over and attached them to the coop yesterday, so last night I went out at about 8 and chased (shoved in some cases) them all inside for the night, then noticed that it was still a bit light at 9, so tonight I waited until just after 9... I got out to the coop and every one of them was already inside and settled in to the night. So, yeah, proud mom here. (38 of them are about 8 weeks and 31 of them are about 6 weeks) so there is still a bit of tensoin between the 2 groups since they were in seperate brooders/runs until Monday when they all went into the coop, some of the bigger roos and a few of the older pullets kinda picked on the littler ones, so yesterday, when several came down into the area where the little ones were I stuck a big fuzzy purple webster into the coop and shook it at the big ones...they all ran away from the little ones, I repeated a couple times, and after the first few shakes I didn't even put it into the run, just shook it by the run (for some reason it didn't scare the little ones - just the bullies) Today there were only a couple that picked on the little ones and I used a squirt gun, and that worked really well, so hopefully they will all get used to each other soon...

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