My son talked me into going to the feed store

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My 4yo son talked me into going to the feed store (and we all know that means momma said, "Who wants to go to the feed store and look at chicks?)

We came home with 3 babies!!!! Easter Eggers!!!
Here they are!

This one is DD's. Her name is Abigail (the chick, not DD)

This is mine, I mean DS (18 months). Her name may be Judy.

This is DS (4yo). He named her Francois. He knows it's a boy name and he doesn't mind that!

ETA names
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very cute

I have an order in for 6 more, they should be here on the 15th or 16th.

I may be having issues with the chicken math ... I am supposed to have 8 in my flock...

currently, I have 8 hens, 3 chicks (2 months old) and 6 on the way...
that = 8

SOO CUTE ! I want more .... my white EE died during a heat wave we had last summer - she was sooo sweet - loved to hop on your shoulder and ride around like a parrot .....

I think I need to contact me local feed store .... find out when they are getting them ... They are better than TSC - you don't have to buy a minimum - we're a farming community so I guess they trust that it's not just an easter fad ....

Not sure what the laws are, but I know most states have a minimum purchase law to deter the easter chick craze ....
Actually, I think its wrong. The correct answer is 8+3+6=4. See? You could have 4 more.
My chicken math is similar. We have 14 on the way, we were originally getting 6. Chicken math is squishy.
So cute! I love EE chicks! That 2nd one - love the cheeks!

Looks like we all graduated from the same math school. I got 6 (the limit), lost one (roo), and got 9 more. 6 - 1 + 9 = 4
Thank goodness most of them were spoken for already (they really weren't supposed to sell them to me because another customer wanted 40 of them
). I didn't intend to buy any. We just went to look. Yeah right! I wanted to buy them out and take them all home with me!

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