My "Splash Pyle Yokohamas"... My new creation... What do you think?


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May 2, 2009
The Redwoods of California
By crossing a Red Pyle OEGB rooster and a red shoulder Yokohama hen, I got a new variety of yokohama-- something I dubbed "Splash Pyle". They are Red Pyle, but with streaks of deep red and black. They have pea combs, the roosters are developing long tails and saddles, and they seem to have the proper body shape. I will probably breed them together and sell hatching eggs. What do you think?

Splash Pyle Yokohama Cockerel, Age 18 weeks:

Pullet, 18 weeks:
They are not Yokohamas they are Yokohamas X OEG. They are not Splash, this denoted homozygous Blue, and they will not breed true.
Better to be honest & sell them for what they are - Crossbred fowl
That strange I had a white Yoko cock that was bread to every hen running the yard and wound up with all blue and black chick. no matter what the mother was. Most where game hens. How does that work?
Not meaning to offend, but I agree with David.

Your birds might resemble yokohamas more than they resemble OEG but they are still a first cross & won't breed true. Also, as David said, they're not splash.
I called them Yokohamas because they look very much like Yokohamas, though they may not be pure. Hatcheries sell breeds that are not pure but still sell them as that breed. They "conform with the breed standard". I called them Splash Pyle also because they look like a mix between splash and pyle. I will hatch a few out myself to make sure the offspring are acceptable to sell, to make sure if they breed true. And I will be honest with my customers-- though I call it "splash pyle yokohama", I will of course also say that to make it I crossed a yokohama with an OEGB. I will make it perfectly clear that these are not pure Yokohamas.
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Not gonna comment on the breed question, but I have araucanas -- both cockerels and pullets -- who are nearly identical in coloration and patterning to yours. I am quite interested in the genetics involved here. David, have I seen you mention earlier that this is referred to as something like "butcher's apron"? Is this a leaky dominant white? Plus what?

Incidentally -- do you remember my "naked" araucana chick? He is now a handsome double tufted rumpless cockerel, in this color pattern. I'd like to breed him, if I can just figure out the genetics of the color!
But how do you add the black and red splashing on top of it?

Dominant white leaks black when heterozygous, usually as black flecks . Red is not affected by het dominant white. The red must already be present.
The OPs male in the pic isn't a "usual" pyle; Pyle males generally have a lot more gold in the neck neck & saddle hackles. The bird in the pic looks intermediate between pyle & the red shouldered yokohama.​

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