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Jun 15, 2011
This is my story I have begun to write. Chapters are about 10 pages long. I am hoping to make this a 60 page childrens book. This is a book that I am very proud of, and would LOVE to publish it. But I would first need to talk about that with my parents. Hopefully I can reach my goal! It is a dream of mine to be a writer. Please do not steal this book or print it out. If I do publish it, please wait for it to come out, instead of printing it. Also, please do not save it to your computer. Thanks!

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This is the part where it tells a little about the book on the back. (below)

This is a fiction story on "Hannah Lighten". She is a middle school girl, who isn't very popular. Kids are always making fun of her in school. A group of mean girls, Jackie, Melissa, and Kandee, just won't leave her alone. They play lots of pranks on Hannah. Being a young middle school girl is hard for Hannah. Can she make it through this obsticle? Things are getting complicated for Hannah with school and family. Her parents seem to be hiding something from her and are acting weird around her. She wants to know and she wants to know now

Chapter 1

"Goodnight Mom! Goodnight Dad!" I yelled as I walked into my room.

"Goodnight...." Mom and Dad said back.

I went in bed, and opened up my journal. I wrote about the horrible things that happened at school today. I haven't told my parents yet, because they would want to pull me out of that school. I heard my parents trying to talk quietly. I set it down to listen.

"Where should we keep them until her birth-" I couldn't hear what else they said, because it got into a deeper whisper.

Where are they going to keep what until my birthday??? Maybe they are just planning on getting a few things for my birthday. I'm a snooper. My birthday is tomorrow.

"Maybe in the bed-" Dad said a little loudly.

"Shhh. Your going to wake Hannah up. Don't let her hear you." Mom scolded Dad.

"Oh yeah, sorry..." Dad groaned.

I heard a little chirpish sound. Probably just a bird in a nest by the front door.

"We have gotta do something. They are going to be too loud." Mom whispered.

I think that they are talking about the birds nest in the front door being to loud.

"Your right, dear. We'll put them in the-" Dad muttered. He got more quiet as he talked.

Where are they going to put what??? What are they talking about??? What in the world is going on??? So many thoughts were running through my mind. Should I go ask them? Nah... It's probably just about the loud wild birds.

"Woof!" Bailey barked as she got onto my bed.

"Shhh! You are too loud!" I muttered.

She cried. Bailey went over to the door and scratched at it. Should I go open it for her? Nahhh, Mom and Dad will know I'm up. I turned off the light, and pretended to go to sleep while Mom came and let Bailey out of my room.

"Oh be quiet! Your going to wake Hannah up." Mom said softly.

She left the room. I turned my light back on, and sat up. I was still wondering what Mom and Dad were talking about. Hmph... I guess that if it was any of my buisness, they would tell me. I fell into a deep sleep.

"Do you really think they'll be ok in the car?" Dave (Dad) asked Mary Anne (Mom).

"Probably. You'll just have to check on them often." Mary Anne said.

"Me?? Why am I the one that always has to do everything during the night? You know, I work, and I need sleep."

"Yeah.. Well, I do too. I'm a lady. Your a man, and the husbands aren't supposed to complain about doing things for the wives."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.." Dave muttered under his breath.

"Help me carry them off the porch and into the car" Mom said madly.

"I know, I know... I'm coming!"

"You get the tubs, I'll get them"....
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