My story, Molasses, Tumeric and Cinnamon


Dec 20, 2020
Hi All
I have been lurking around reading posts for possibly over two years now.
Finally decided to join in and start a Topic.

I would like to share a SUPLIMENT recipe that I have started using with amazing results.

This recipe comes from the Pigeon racing hobby and I tried it on my girls with amazing effect.

So here is my story.
Few weeks ago I ran out of layer feed and decided to feed some corn until I can get to the feed store in about two days.
This had such a detrimental effect on my girls, even though they free range my production dropped from 13 eggs a day down to one or maybe two a day.
The hens seemed to suddenly go into a kind of molt, mid summer in south Africa. And to top it all off, my coop was hit with the worst case of pox ever.

I totally blame my lack of keeping them on their diet and thus perhaps straining their systems and their immune.
Being devistated about this self inflicted horror, I started searching how I can support them through this process.

I received a recipy to boost form of racing pigeons from an old timer.
I changed my morning feed to half cat kibble half layer ratio and afternoons fed the Molasses Supliment with their layers feed.

We are in week two, pox dried and fell of totally, don't think they can be completely through the molt their feathers do seem a lot softer and shinier though, combs red as ever and they seem to be in a very good mental state, beter than ever.
Egg production has picked up back to 90% for the past three days now.

I know a lot of folks are not for natural suplimentation, especially if not really scientifically backed, but I just thought I would share, I am so impressed I will be feeding this Supliment twice a week going forward as the Pigeon guys do.

Now for the Recipy if you are interested.
●250ml Black Strap Molasses
●Omega oils {Flax Oil} 10tablets
●Tumeric 2Teaspoon
●Cinnemon 2Teaspoon
●Zink 5 Tablets
●Magnesium 5Tablets
●Vit B complex syrup 2Teaspoons

The tablets are all crushed and mixed in with the rest, use 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per 1kg of feed

Works a treat, if I did not see the difference I would not have believed it.

Hope it could be of some worth for someone out there


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