My story.


Apr 5, 2021
hamilton MT
My Coop
My Coop
This is the story of how my life has been soo far,
It started the earliest I remember, I was 3 years old and we were just getting chickens, (I lived my first two years without chickens) and I was interested from the start. My brother live at the end of the hall with my parents in the room across the hall, my room was at the beginning of the hall, it had purple walls and a TV with video games and movies, I would wake to my brother crying in terror every night for my brother was haunted, we asked the neighbors about the souly brother was seeing and he committed suicide in his room, so we moved, my second home, my room was the largest room of the rooms besides theater bedroom. The walls were white. The people who moved into the house we used to live in, tor up the carpet to find a huge blood splash, right were our dog always peed.
By this time I was close to the first day of preschool, when the day finally came I made a good impression and fascinated my classmates with pics of chickens. We soon went into four closer. And had to move into my grandparents house, by this time I was 8 years old, we've been in this house for 5 years just to find out I was now haunted, I started downloading ghost detector apps but none worked till I found a app were it worked! I found 4-5 spirits, and can hear them with a ghost box, they keep saying rude things about humans, that's what I found out today, we can't get then out.

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